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Meet Sol Flores

Born and raised in Chicago, Sol lived with her mother and an extended chart Australian Dollar to New Zealand Dollar family that included her Puerto Rican grandparents, their 10 children, and the multiple foster care children to whom they offered a home. Sol was taught that “Where one can eat, 10 can eat,” and that you should always invite people to your table and always be generous.

Today, Sol Flores’ table has grown large enough to encompass the entire city of Chicago. Using sheer will and the skills she learned working in the corporate world, Sol built La Casa Norte from a two-person agency into an 80-employee, multi-million dollar agency delivering desperately needed housing and services to Australian Dollar - New Zealand Dollar homeless families, single parents, victims of domestic violence and abandoned youth.

Still, too many of our fellow Chicagoans live without real economic opportunity or affordable health care. Not a day goes by where Sol Flores doesn’t ask, “What more can we do?”

Caring is easy. Doing something – that’s the hard part. Sol Flores devoted her life to doing “the hard part”– bringing people together to create change in our community. In Congress, Sol Flores will fight every day for the people she has been fighting for Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar all her life—us. Sol Flores always fighting for you.